A Cool Feature about Dr. Tom Hill – a Friend and Mentor

Tom Hill, Hill’s Angels

After a 26 year career in education, moving up the ranks from high school teacher to college professor, Tom Hill unexpectedly got the entrepreneurial bug at age 50. Eighteen months later, opportunity met ambition, when a friend led Hill to invest in a RE/MAX Real Estate franchise.

Hill successfully bought, built up and sold RE/MAX franchises over the years, eventually moving to Lake St. Louis in 1994 and bringing on a partner. “In 1994, when I sold 25% because I had the time and money, I began looking at my franchisees,” says Hill. “I was wondering why some figure it out and why others don’t.”

At the same time that Hill was contemplating how success is reached, his own advice on how to achieve goals began to be sought. With his partner running the business, Hill happily shared his expertise, giving up to 60 speeches a year between 1994 and 1999. He also wrote and had his story written in various books. “I started writing Living at the Summit,” he says. “Then I did a workbook to go with the novel. Then Chicken Soup for the Soul approached me to do Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. Then four years ago I did eight speeches in seven cities in five countries in three weeks. I was approached to have my life written based on that story.”
Now 80 years old, Hill still mentors through his organization, Hill’s Angels. “I now have 36 people, men and women across the country, who have achieved success and want to be significant,” he says.

Hill begins his mentoring process by having each person write down their perfect life six years from the present. Then he turns aspirations into measurable goals. “We explore six areas: spiritual, health, relationships, emotional, professional and financial,” he says. “I help them get on a path. The journey takes time. It’s like losing weight.”

To find results, goals must be measurable, according to Hill. “I give people tools based on their goals,” he says. “I help maintain what’s good, improve the mediocre and then show what you need to get busy in.”

Hill’s overall goal is to help build a vision and then exceed it. “I have a moral obligation to be the best person I can be,” he says. “I want to make a positive difference in every life I come in contact with. Then help each person to build a network to get to opportunities. You must be a learner. One idea well executed can change your life forever.”

What The Mentee Says:
Dr. Hill is willing to meet with and help anyone, whether they are a formal mentee or not. He sets an example for servant leadership. There is no one he isn’t either connected to or can’t get connected to in one phone call because he is the “real deal” with caring for others so doors open. -Jennifer Dodd


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