Allan Curtis

Earthy, Contemplative and Philosophical


We live in a world that is just too darn serious. We grow up and become these all-too-important adults and forget what it means to genuinely have fun and perhaps relax a bit. In our marketing world, where one would think that creativity, freedom and fun run rampant; it just doesn’t seem to be true. The thought of marketing (although serious) is all about discovering creative ideas, and enjoying the ‘work’, and yet most marketers aren’t having much of that, not much fun anymore. Maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s just the business climate or who knows what, but we think it’s time to make it fun again; so here we are.


The new media world, is an amazing place to have a good time. The shift that we’re witnessing in this interactive Internet marketing space allows unlimited possibilities. This creates and permits a tremendous liberty for creativity and fun. There is nothing worse than using these new mediums in and ‘old’ way. (Imagine using a computer for nothing more than a telephone.)  This, however, is how most people and companies are attempting to use it.


The purpose of this book is to give the reader a fun, funky and quirky look at marketing in general through a program that we teach called “Organic Marketing,” with a focus on new media marketing (i.e. Social Media).


We intend to keep this writing fresh and new. Like Social Media, marketing and organic are ever growing. The face, names and players are constantly changing. Are you getting in the real game, or just playing right now?


This specific place in time has never happened in our complete history. Up until the invention of Web 2.0, all of news/media was filtered through a few privately held, publically held government organizations. Therefore, the information that finally reached the end viewer was always shared through a set of biases. Instead of an official “this is how it happened”, all witnesses of the event report on the event. This allows the end viewer to see the event from any number of perspectives and then requires her own belief system to determine validity. This means that all of us now have equal say in an event – based in our influence and sphere.


Brands developed by traditional paid media means have no advantage over the private small independent brands of you and me. Their entry point and influence in the space is equal to ours. Those that attempt to buy influence will find it difficult to gain. Brand equity can now be reduced to its simplest form of individual person’s brand. Each person has the ability to create awareness of their own brands without spending extreme amounts of money (time maybe, money no!)


There is so much to cover, so let’s just get started.

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