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Author: Sandi Maki

Where do you find time…

Dream Bigfor quiet reflection? We get caught up in our day to day routines, and are so busy being busy. Where do you find the moment to have some time to relax, renew, and enjoy where you are right here, right now?

Does it mean turning off the phone, stop checking your email? What are we busy working towards, and do we forget to live while trying to reach our dreams?


Why Crush It! by @GaryVee (Gary Vay ner chuk) is a must read…

If you have heard of @GaryVee or Wine Library TV or not, whether you like his style or not, this book is a must read. I picked up the book Crush It! for several reasons. We’ve been following Gary since he had a couple thousand friends on Twitter, and one of his first keynote presentations in Arizona.

Gary V. admits that videos are his thing. Writing is not. He hired a very good writer then, to take his dictated words and put them into the book. I think it was excellent. The content, the culture, the advice, and the examples all hit right on. I like the concepts that Gary has, and they relate very closely to everything we teach at InSights. I’ve been pondering what to write to Gary since in the book he welcomes feedback and says that every email he gets will be answered. What to say to someone with such an audience, and such a great message to share? Nothing like pressure. I figured I’d write an email and put it into a blog post, updating you as I get a response. Tonight I went back through the book underlining key points. And I NEVER write in books. Wow. This is a keep you up until all hours of the morning contemplating your life and business book. Did I mention that everyone should read it? I have not recommended a book this strongly since…EVER.

I’ve been asking people who come to InSights in search of advice for their futures what they would do if they never got paid again. Gary asks the same question, though he relates it to passion. Whatever you are passionate should be your focus. That is the thing that you can monetize, and whether you do or not, at least you’ll be happy. I have people ask me about the hours that I keep. I work. A Lot. I also play. A lot. The difference between work and play doesn’t really exist because working is playing and playing is working. I love my office. It’s a great space. It’s creative and relaxing and fun and productive all at the same time. So many days or nights you’ll find a group of people at the office, just because it feels just like home. Put a shower in at InSights and some people would probably never go home. Can you say the same about what you do?

You see, for me, this is working. Reading great books and choosing the best parts to bring up in future classes that I get to teach in front of people who are looking for inspiration. So my job becomes seeking inspiration from those around me to share with others.  So to the people who may talk to me and ponder my hours at work, it’s not work, it’s life. You are the luckiest when they become one and the same and you are simply living. I am living. I am dreaming. I am loving it.

Are you?


Embrace every opportunity that you possibly can…even the ones you don’t see.

In business we have opportunnities that present themselves, sometimes overlooked because we are not paying attention. I saw a recent discussion that was wrapped around what happens if you have a meeting and no one shows up. It takes dedication to find the lemonade recipe in the situation.

Many people who are launching a new idea expect to “build it and they will come.” This happens, but only after you have marketed, marketed, marketed.

If you call a meeting and no one comes, use the time to decide what to do next time to influence a larger audience. Have your digital camera handy and create your commercial, youtube introduction, or simply have some fun. If you’ve been way to busy being busy, use the time to reflect, plan, and even meditate.

If you write a blog post and no one reads it, write another, and another. Figure out where you should be promoting, do some more marketing and try it again.

What are your tips when opportunity knocks and you are distracted, or forget to open the door?


Social Media Marketing…it’s not about who you know, it’s about who they know!

boot camp (13)Social media marketing, and any networking, should be aimed at letting other people know what you do. This is NOT because you want to sell all the first line contacts you have. This is because every person you meet knows hundreds of  people. You want that person to think about you when they talk to their friend who needs what you do. It’s not about who you know, it’s about who they know!

Who do you know?

#ourcertainway #bootcamp2016

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Write the good things in Marble

Pauline, Inner Wisdom Sanctuary

innerwisdom 4

To follow along with my post about people’s stories, Donna found this quote.
“Write the bad things that happened to you in the sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.”-Arabic Parable

I love it. It’s amazing to think of ocean waves washing away the bad things, or the things that you just don’t want. You don’t even have to physically write in the sand, just imagine it. Your boss says something unkind to you, you, in your mind, write it on a sandy beach, then just sit back and watch the waves erase it. It’s gone, it’s like it never happened. You don’t have to carry it with you any longer. You don’t have to think about it. You can let it go! The beach and the water are not hurt by it. What you wrote in the sand is nothing more than a birds foot print. The energy of the ocean is not changed by you or what happened to you or the words that it consumed. Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel better?

Writing the good things that happen in marble! Yes, please! Make them last forever. Bring them into your consciousness at a moments notice. Those are the things we need to remember. Again, this would need to be done in your mind. My yard would be littered with marble, words and things that are good would be flowing into the road, across the neighborhood, across the town, the state, the country. It would be hard to get around all that marble! Imagine the news reports, “we have congestion on the highways this morning, there is so much good happening, we have 3 lanes blocked by marble.”

Celebrate the good, revel in it, bring it up in conversation, remember it, love it, love it, bring in more!


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innerwisdom3Pauline with Inner Wisdom Sanctuary

We just finished a project for a friend who celebrated her 75th birthday today. We reached out to friends to get pictures and memories. I have known her for 25 years and already heard a lot of her stories, but getting it from others changed the story. It enlivened it, it brought more form, it rounded out the edges. Then I got to watch her relive the stories, the memories, the feelings. It was an interesting thing to watch.

It got me thinking about stories. We all have them. Some tell them. Some keep them. Some are good. Some are bad. Some we want to tell. Some we have to tell. Others never get told. Others never get heard.

What does telling a story do? Does it make it more real? Does it make it go away? I don’t know the answers to these questions. I’m just feeling curious about how all our stories impact us.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work on being positive and moving forward, not looking back. There are a lot of stories back there. What happens to those stories? Should I tell them in a different way? Should I tell them at all? Should I just make new ones? Should I stop using the word should?

#ourcertainway #stories

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The art of listening

Pauline with Inner Wisdom Sanctuary


The art of listening.
There is active listening, selective listening, barely listening, distracted listening and listening with the intent to answer. Which one do you do?

The people that listen with the intent to answer are the people in my consciousness today. They are those that are so busy thinking of their response to what they thougt you were saying that sometimes what they actually say doesn’t make sense or it is in total agreement with what you just said. What does this person miss? What does this person gain? Where does this person end up?

A great analogy of this is from my spouse, she would describe conversations with her ex: I start out on this train track, you think I am on this other train track, so by the time I am done talking, you are at one station and I am at another. This is not very conducive to a couple getting to the same place together.

Listening actively and/or intently can really benefit us. Not only do we hear the words but we hear the inflection, feel the feeling, see the joy, hear the meaning. It’s incredible what we can learn.

Our dog is a good listener. She just listens. There is no judgement. She is not thinking to respond. She is attentive. She gives kisses when tears come with the words. She cocks her head when it is interesting. She goes to sleep when it is boring. She walks away when she is done. It’s all very clear.

What ?ind of a listener are you? What do you miss? What do you gain? Were you thinking of a response before I finished writing?

#ourcertainway #theartoflistening

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Blogging. What’s the best way to tell your story?

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 1.34.00 PMI was talking with some people today about how to start a blogging strategy. One person questioned writing about corporate services they provide. Boring! Let’s pull from our rich history, our past stories, and our views on our products and services. Tell the story, that’s the key. Feature your products or services and I won’t be reading.

What are some of your favorite blog posts?

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