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The Psychology of Social Media – Knowing What to Say and How to Say It

Getting into the conversation is easy. Knowing what to say is the next step. Using the psychology of social media you can get an understanding of what to say and when, know how to read your audience, and how to create engaging social media conversations with results in mind.

Face Reading – Maximizing your Communication

Communication is the name of the game and the message is written all over the human face. The practice of physiognomy, or face reading has been used for over 3,000 years and has been scientifically validated to 92% accuracy. Our personality is a combination of genetics, nature and nurture. The human face is created and etched based on the facial structure we are born with, traits, events in our life, and the choices we make and repeat over and over again. There are over one hundred muscles in the face, the more a facial muscle is trained, the more defined the characteristic becomes on the face.

Allan Curtis and Sandi Maki from the Insights Group who will teach on the basics of face reading: From the background of this innovative practice to the actual techniques on what to look for when reading a face. Allan and Sandi will highlight the day-to-day applications of face reading as they relate to personal and business relationships, networking, customer satisfaction and decision-making.

Face Reading InSights Group – Speaking Package (pdf)

Face Reading Study Guide PDF

Personality Studies

Learn the styles of personalities, how to communicate with each, and how each personality type uses social media. You may be surprised to find out just how much your style influences your way of doing business. Find out if this is the most effective way for you to be doing business, or take your cue to make some simple changes to increase your effectiveness and your bottom line.

Personality Study Handout-1

Personality Types Quick Guide

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