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InSights Group - We are doing company launches, brand management, running companies, and in general trying to keep up with you in changing the world!

Blog v website. The distinction.

There is are talk about websites, and blogs. If you are new to Social Media, I would like to make a distinction. A blog is a type of website. Blog stands for Web log. It’s a place where you can go online. There are several free sites. is the one we  recommend.

A blog website is somewhere where you would go with a regular frequency to post information. This information that you post can be educational, it can be inspirational. The most important thing is that it needs to be interesting. You need to be engaging. If somebody visits a static website once, what compelling reason is there for them to go back? If you have a website that’s structured as a blog, it’s an indicator to people that there will always be something new, something fresh, something interesting on your website.

If you decide that a blog is right for you, you need to commit to the frequency that that you are going to put posts up. If you think you would like to start a blog, and you’ll blog once a month, blogging probably isn’t right for you. If you decide that blogging is something you would like to do, you should do it with some frequency of at least once per day. There are ways that you can time release blog posts, so if you have a block of time, you can put many of them together. But make sure that if you are going to implement a blog as part of your marketing strategy with social media, that you do it with some frequency in mind.

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  • Stephanie Booth says:

    I beg to differ on the frequency you suggest — I think saying “once a day at least”, even for “commercial/corporate” blogs, is setting the bar really high. (Personally, I have very little months in my nearly ten years of blogging where I have published “at least once a day”.)

    One of the beauties of blogging is that it’s completely flexible. If you want to start out by publishing one post a month, do so! I have a client who started out with two posts a month, and who is now looking to increase the count. My suggestion was 2-3 a week, and their jaws already dropped to the table because it seems too much for them. Nevermind: in a year from now, with a bit of luck and patience and training, they might get there.

    In short, regular frequency of publication is not something I’d insist on for somebody who is considering opening a blog — quite the contrary.

    October 30, 2009 at 12:19 am
    • Sandi Maki says:

      HI Stephanie,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One of the main reasons I would recommend blogging daily is because with the ability to automate distribution via social media it is very important to be showing up in each of the venues, daily, so people know you are there. When you are present, sharing your story, on a regular basis, you have top of mind awareness. Not to mention the keywords you are able to create traffic from via search engines for publishing regular content.

      The beauty with blogging, and social media, are that people can do what works best for them. Thank you for sharing some alternative choices for putting it all together!

      October 30, 2009 at 6:19 am
  • Jan says:

    If you want readers to visit your site more than once or twice then you would do better not to write a blogpost until you have something that’s really worth sharing. If you blog daily because you think you “should”, but have only trivial observations to share, who is going to want to revisit your blog? I think honesty, integrity, sincerity, and a definitely generous point of view are the things that will build your readership over time, regardless of how often you write.

    At least that’s what I think is helping me build my own readership; I’m still trying to figure out for sure how I’m slowly but steadily managing to attract more readers myself at I write for web 2.0 “newbies” and “oldies”, techies, teachers, (including dance teachers), ballet and modern dancers, choreographers, dance afficianados, parents, and “gifted” kids and adults-including those who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Many school media specialists tell me they always find links to things of interest on my blog, which feels great, because I know they reach so many more people than I can by myself.

    It seems that as long as I share something I’ve recently discovered, or that I’m really interested in, on a fairly predictable basis-say every week or two, perhaps on the same day of the week (?), I do
    notice a spurt in readership-and though these people don’t always comment- I can tell from my Clustrmap that many of them are return readers, which is very gratifying. And I have to say that’s what keeps me blogging.

    January 31, 2010 at 8:14 pm

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