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What makes a website or a blog a destination?

Some of the things that make websites engaging and interesting are: audio, video, things that are interactive, places where people can leave comments. What are some of the additional ideas or techniques would you use in engaging people, once they approach your website?

Everybody definitely wants to take a look at their website that they have now. Consult with a website designer, talk to somebody about website usability, what is the experience for the user? Oftentimes, businesses have put websites online, because they think that they need to, but they haven’t actually taken the time to figure out who their customer is that is coming to those websites, and what are those features they would be looking for. Make sure that your website is engaging.

Just because you love something, if you love a certain color pallet put together, if you like information delivered in a certain way, you really need to step back from your website, and look at – what does your customer look like who is coming to the site. Do they have a lot of time? Do they want to read a lot of technical information? Are they somebody who would like to click a lot of buttons? Would they like to see pictures of you, read stories about different things that are going on with your business and with your life? Keep those things in mind and make the user experience for your target customer the reason that your website exists.

What are some of your favorite website destinations?

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