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InSights helps people Define their Certain Way through the Organic Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe discovery.

The Beginning

The InSights Group started out as a collaborative coworking facility, based on the fact that when Sandi and Allan were looking for office space they couldn’t find anything that would fit the needs, and have enough parking. They ended up taking on a 6,000 sq. ft. space in an industrial warehouse. Converting the space to a cozy, friendly, fun place to be, the InSights Clubhouse was a gathering place and inspiration center, bridging the space between left brain and right brain thinking, and exploring creative new ideas.

In late 2010 an offer came in to relocate the business, so they did, moving it across town. With the move came some transition. Instead of working on the breadth of gathering more people to the community, the focus shifted to depth. In the new space, the mastermind meetings became deeper, more philosophical, and even more helpful for the people involved.

The consulting business is growing because Sandi and Allan take a philosophical approach to the process. Anybody can teach you how to push buttons. Getting you to understand why you are involved in the conversation, and how to influence it in a positive growth oriented way is part of the process.


al-signature-picture-make-a-difference-for-web 1Allan Curtis

Allan is the co-founder of the InSights Group, an organization founded in 2007 to help entrepreneurs and business professionals strive and achieve new levels of success. As the Orator, Allan helps to provide an interactive forum for motivation, education, and tools for everyday success. Allan’s hats at the InSights Group include Orator, Social Media Strategist, Organic Marketing Trainer, and a Twitter Coach. With over twenty years experience as a backyard water recreation creationist, designer and artistic water shaper, he has worked with bringing images to life as the owner of a custom (think backyard theme vacations) swimming pool company.

A sought after speaker on creativity, organic marketing and social media. His life’s dreams include reading 10,000 books, holding his breath for 3 minutes, and running a marathon. He’s checked two of the last three items off his list. Allan has been on the board of directors of several successful start-up companies, owned and operated several small businesses including two antique auction firms and supports the Hope for Autism Foundation through fund raising and public awareness efforts.

A graduate of Northern Michigan University after exploring artistic and creative studies he holds a degree with a focus of physics and math. Al holds certifications in several holistic modalities of Reiki Master, Core Conscious Transformation, DISC Personality Study Certified and Physiognomy.  Al resides in a 100+ year old farm house surrounded by an old west village complete with an old mill mine shaft and pond. His family, complete with three daughters, enjoys antique auctioning, downhill skiing, slurpee drinking and marble collecting.

Allan Curtis:
Orator of the InSights Group

Contact Allan:
On the Road: 248-798-0236

Sandi Urban WebSandi Maki

Bliss in a Bubble – In the moment – my favorite place to be.

As a creative outlet, I enjoy ‘InSights with Sandi Maki, and my initial podcast, Heavy Breathing Just Before Midnight‘ – each a series of podcasts on fun, interesting, and random topics that I share at sandimaki.com.

At InSights Group – an entrepreneur support community, I mastermind, coach, consult, and use Organic Marketing to empower businesses tell their stories to the world to become more productive and profitable – especially in the online world.

I am a coach and take on personal clients to help empower positive changes and growth within their lives and businesses. I have experience in many areas of philosophy and psychology including face reading, personality studies and motivation, as well as many holistic modalities such as Reiki Master, and core-conscious transformation.

I’m a partner in a trio of swimming pool companies from construction to service to online sales – we are changing the industry with Ask the Pool Guy – and Hybrid Swimming Pool Building and the experience of customers across the country – based out of our superhero hideout in Brighton, MI.

I’m the founder and managing broker of Legendary Real Estate – marketing your home in Our Certain Way to introduce the new buyer.

I’m an author (Amazon.com) of Our Certain Way and Organic Marketing: A Guide to Defining Your Certain Way (2015) and Fuzzy New Socks, a compilation of fun thoughts and stories.

My kids are amazing young adults – my life is a series of unique, amazing, fun and delightful experiences, I have wonderful friends, and connections and my life gets better and better every day and in every way!


After hours Sandi can be found by the pool, reading a book, podcasting just before midnight, flying on airplanes, and in blissful moments with her daughter, an amazing and wonderful gift, and her delightful and inspiring son. Her favorite things include Toby Keith, Irish accents, tropical islands and chocolate and peanut butter used in combination.


Sandi Maki
First Lady of the InSights Group

Contact Sandi:
On the Road: 248-798-0239

Drop her an electronic note here


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