The Science of Getting Rich

The secret of everything may very well be included in this book.

Making the Man or Woman Who Can (The Science of Getting Rich Preface)

making the man or woman who can

Making the Man Who Can, republished after Wattles death as “How to Promote Yourself”, is an amazing book, promoted in some web sites as “Wallace lost book of wisdom”. “THAT there is a successful, powerful life; that it may be lived here; that it may be lived by anyone, we are obliged to concede; and having conceded this we cannot fail to wish to live this life, for rightly lived, it means health, wealth, power, happiness and all round success in life. Those who read this series of lessons are going to learn how to live it, and they need first to understand a little as to what the power is and whence it comes. ” With those brilliant words, Wallace Wattles starts one of his self-development and personal power gems, to which his editor, the great Elizabeth Towne only added: “This book is a Live Wire. Make the right connection with it and success is yours. How shall you do it? By reading it long and often; by going back to it every time you catch your confidence and purpose ebbing; and by acting up to its teachings in every way you can think of. The Life of all success is The Spirit of Faith and Goodwill. Whenever you feel your faith ebbing get back to this Live Wire again. Live with it until its spirit is yours and you recognize yourself as THE MAN OR WOMAN WHO CAN.”

The Science of Getting Rich (Paperback)



The Science of Getting Rich eBook InSights

The Science of Getting Rich CD read by Sandi Maki

Science of Getting Rich Ebook by InSights Group

Science of Getting Rich Ebook by InSights Group


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