Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing Plans


Through a guided series of 9 discussion points, we will work with your company to determine a plan for your social media and organic marketing campaign. We will help you identify your ideal target, and which sites will put you at the greatest communication position via the new social marketing mediums.    You’ll get an effective plan, blogging blueprint, and social media presence that will position you to reach your  goals and objectives.


Create an integrated branding and messaging strategy that will work  for your target audience both online and offline by doing the following:

  • Analyze Your Existing Presence
  • Analyze Your Company
  • Evaluate your Team’s experience with Technology & Social Media
  • Select Most Appropriate Media Mix
  • Develop an Integrated Messaging & Branding Strategy
  • Monitor Results


Your strategic plan, building and coaching cost will depend on the strategy determined.

Organic Marketing

Strategies to promote your business, naturally.

There are so many choices in social media marketing; it can be overwhelming to understand how everything works together to build new business relationships. Organic Marketing offers a comprehensive look at how to build Organic Marketing strategies into your social media marketing mix. You’ll learn how to grow your business relationships in thoughtful, productive and genuine ways.


Allan Curtis and Sandi Maki of the Insights Group created the method of using a simple “Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe” concept to incorporate an Organic Marketing strategy into your business promotion. The process uses tactics and strategies in your day-to-day life, with the people you come into contact with, to promote your business. It starts with understanding where you are in your current business, and where you would like to go.


Organic Marketing is like planting a garden. You start with the seed of your business idea, then select the best location to plant. You choose the right type of soil, give it the care and contact it requires, and monitor the growth and progress to appreciate what is growing and changing, what needs weeding, and when to harvest.


Organic Marketing strategies relate in a similar way to your business. No matter what you are creating – a house, a business model, or a vegetable garden — you always start at the very basic level, with the foundation, with the first building block. It’s the same with building business relationships.


Organic Marketing organizes your social media strategy on a tic-tac-toe board, a comprehensive yet delightfully simple way to understand how all the pieces fit together. Allan and Sandi simplify the process by working on one element at a time, while building each in relationship to the others.


The resulting Organic Strategy Map will give you a clear perspective and deep understanding of each of the components and how you can make them work together. At the end of an Organic Marketing study you’ll have the tools and know-how you need to launch an advanced social marketing strategy personalized specifically for your business.


The Organic Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe model can be used at all levels. Recent presentations include using the matrix for creating authentic leadership within a large organization in Northern Minnesota, brand campaign launches, and the re-development of a strategic plan within an existing company that had reached it’s maximum production capacity and needed to identify where to expand.


Contact us and we’ll show you how we can make your life easier and your social media engagement more productive.


Organic Marketing Explained (Video-Webinar):

Organic Marketing Explained from Sandi Maki on Vimeo.

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