Social Media Strategies

Social Media: Winning Strategies

Everywhere we turn, we hear the buzz words “social media”. What does it really mean to be using it effectively?

We can help. We’ll explain why having an account in a social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) is not the same as having a social media “strategy”, and having a strategy is essential for success. We’ll also explain how simple it can be when you have a plan.

Allan Curtis and Sandi Maki have a common sense approach to integrating social media into a business marketing plan, and would love to help you define, develop, implement and maintain a successful strategy. Our process will begin with a discussion of the philosophy of social media. We’ll talk “why” before we begin to talk “how.”

Once you know why, then we can begin to talk about “what” in terms of tools available. A successful strategy can be developed utilizing your existing web presence in most cases. We will talk about why having a blog is so important, and can even help you create one if you don’t have one already.

We hope you’ll join us to find out more and discover the world of social media. We can agree it’s becoming more popular, not less. If your ideal client is in the age range of 30-70, about 85% of them use social media sites EVERY day. Shouldn’t you be where they can find you?

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