Social Media Series: Lesson 7 – Tweet Tweet on Twitter


Lesson 7: Twitter


“Tweet tweet!” – What was that? Do we have a young bird in our midst? Not quite. *wink* Welcome to week 7, and here you will be introduced to the online world of Twitter. “What is it, who uses it and what can it do for me?” – you ask, well here we go.


Twitter Explained Twitter Explained



Action Items:

Make sure your Twitter Account shows your profile in 160 characters or less, and your website is linking correctly.

If you would like a custom background created for your profile, let us know.

Head over to Twitter and follow us:
Sandi’s Twitter
Allan’s Twitter

Most importantly this week, begin your following strategy. You will want to follow people that are in your target demographic, or may be connected to your target demographic. Use TwellowHood to find Tweeters in your area, and follow them so they can follow you back.

If you are interested in a little more twitter, read about what Twitter told us in 2010.


If you have questions on these videos or any other social media topic email us at or you can search for answers on our website, or InSights Group.

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