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Everyone knows I liked Bob Ross and what he did for beginning painters, as well as his positive energy and attitudes about growth. This quirky photo is fun and not meant to be disrespectful. If you do any kind of art Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.22.39 AMit speaks so truly about how we feel when it all goes well!

What’s important to remember is that when we feel like this,,,     we are at the edge of believing and ready to go to the next level in creating and living a whole-hearted life.   Read on.  

Happy Little Trees! Much more than three little words!

I am smiling while I write this, for so, so many reasons. After mentioning Bob Ross? on my Fan Page, I received a message from a high school friend who put it quite well.? Dave said, “Loved watching Bob Ross, when he put a ‘little, happy tree’ in a painting? I felt all was right with the world.”

Bob Ross did a lot of things. He made us feel like we could do anything. He painted beautiful oil paintings in 20 minutes. He talked about “happy little trees and happy little clouds”. He told us we could create our own world, exactly as we wanted it, on our canvases. Then, he told us we could do anything we believed we could do…again.

He told us to try. He pointed out that there were no mistakes, only “happy little accidents” that might serve us well if we paid attention to them and sat with them for awhile. He told us we could also just start over if we really didn’t like a color. He told us to love nature, be kind to one another and the “tiny little creatures”. He told us to be patient with ourselves and to be grateful for what we have in our lives.

He taught us to be aware, and attentive, and courageous.

The man was a walking example of Living Your Passion. Like him or not, most people I know get hooked once they see him paint. His words and philosophies moved us as much as his paintings.

Maybe that is why I admired him so much. Creating art that helps people realize their, passion,  purpose or dream, is what I love to do. And I try to be at least a bit like him every day…especially on days when I think I can’t do something well enough or forget how fortunate I am! They say that Martha Stewart changed how being a “home-maker” was perceived in our world. I believe Bob Ross did the same thing with painting. He humanized painting and made it seem easier than it is, and sometimes that’s what it takes to begin…to try…to create.

Well, more to come soon. I am going to go put on one of my recording of any one of his?“happy little paintings”, and say thank you to one of my favorite artists.

About Rita Long

When I retired in 2009, I kicked off my corporate heels and picked up a paint brush. My childhood desire to paint became a reality as I learned from local Michigan artists and studied online, then traveled to Hawaii to participate in a two-week Artist Workshop and Retreat with New Zealand artist Richard Robinson. In 2014 a dream came true for me as I traveled to Positano, Italy to study with Italian artist Antonio Perciavelli. I display my art in Brighton, as well as hosting an annual “Cocktails & Creations” Art Show at my home studio in Fenton. I also offer creativity workshops, calling on my corporate background in training and education to help others learn to express themselves, do what really matters, and live their best life. I love to share my thirst to learn, teach and grow with other artists and help them define their creative and professional path.

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  1. Rita, this is so well said. Making art accessible to anyone — regardless of the what the art snobs might try to tell is — is one of the miracles of community.

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