Thoughts Become Things…to Share!


It was an honor and a joy to walk the beach with my grandson, Kilian (who is too old to share his age or I reveal mine…lol)

Dreaming, planning, seeing, feeling & visualizing your future really works. I am having this experience because it all started first in my mind, over 2 years ago. I did not know then “how” it would happen, just that it was “what” I wanted. And I was very clear on my “why”.

When my unique, intelligent and “old soul” grandson visited during that experience… well, it truly became a “Moment That Matters.” A forever memory burned into my brain. I guess I’ll have to paint it!

Thanks to Kristin, the best daughter and woman I know, for taking the time and energy to make the trip and put the finishing touches on my “Thoughts Become Things” event. It was priceless!

Love you both!


About Rita Long

When I retired in 2009, I kicked off my corporate heels and picked up a paint brush. My childhood desire to paint became a reality as I learned from local Michigan artists and studied online, then traveled to Hawaii to participate in a two-week Artist Workshop and Retreat with New Zealand artist Richard Robinson. In 2014 a dream came true for me as I traveled to Positano, Italy to study with Italian artist Antonio Perciavelli. I display my art in Brighton, as well as hosting an annual “Cocktails & Creations” Art Show at my home studio in Fenton. I also offer creativity workshops, calling on my corporate background in training and education to help others learn to express themselves, do what really matters, and live their best life. I love to share my thirst to learn, teach and grow with other artists and help them define their creative and professional path.

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